Lost? Confused?

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

If you don't have see the answer you're looking for. Please send us an email.

F.A.T Timing is referencing to Fully automatic timing. As soon as the gun starts the race. We will be able to track the time within 1000’s of a second. It’s similar technology used in larger events like the Olympics. So you can count on your time being the closest and most true time possible.

Yes! Top 3 get medal in each race gets medals.

Yes! We host events for K-8 grades

After paying, you’ll receive a bid number. You need to register your child in the event. We’ll be asking for the First Name, Last Name, Gender, Bib Number and school.

If your school isn’t listed, please select Unattached. When you visit us again you will be select your desired school.

Find anyone wearing a green neon shirt.
Please remember to be kind to them.

Our technology setup has given us the ability to bring back a photo of the race. We won’t accept photos from the stands nor from other angles. The camera that we have in place, would give us the most clearest and accurate picture of the finish line winners.

We will be announcing the races ahead of time over the loud speakers.
So stay tune!

As a safety concern we ask you do not crowd the finish line. We ask you stand at a minimum 25-30 ft back.

Yes we can change the name for you!

If you would like to have your athlete’s photo on our instagram. Tag us in your photo and we will be adding it our wall! Don’t forget to add a name and what event they did!! If you don’t have an instagram and want to be featured on our site. Send us a photo for us to add it to our gallery.


It's not too late to join the monday evening youth class!